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Monday, August 1, 2011

Animal Attack!!

It has been a long time since I updated my blog. I keep making these resolutions about writing at least once a week, but for whatever reason it doesn’t seem to be happen.
Anyway, I am making an effort now. At least this one post J
Last Friday was like any typical Friday. I had a deliverable and was frantically trying to finish work, and simultaneously make plans for the weekend. (No point making plans here given that I hardly know anyone. Oh Mumbai! How I miss youL)
I love Fridays. It is such a lovely feeling to know that there are just nine more hours of work left and two whole days of doing nothing after that. Anyway this Friday, I was outside my office, walking in the parking lot, talking on the phone as I do every day, when a crow swooped down and hit me hard on the head. Before I could react, the crow was back once again and attacked my colleague who was also walking and talking J
And this set the pattern for the day. Any of us who took a break and went upstairs for a short walk was attacked by the crow. Apparently, the crow had just laid eggs in a very pretty nest really high up in the tree and was being overly protective and wouldn’t allow any of us to walk under the tree!! As luck would be, my car was parked right under the nest and I had to wait till it got real dark to leave for the day L
Anyway, I assumed that this was to be my only interaction with animals but was sadly mistaken.
On Saturday morning, I was happily lounging on my sofa reading the paper, when H called me to the kitchen. There was a monkey in my kitchen. It had actually opened my fridge, taken a mango, neatly removed the skin, left it on my kitchen floor and was blissfully eating the fruit!! When H tried to shoo it away, it got aggressive and tried attacking him. What a nightmare!!  We finally got it out of the kitchen and closed all the windows. After that we the spent the weekend being prisoners in our own house cause every time we opened any windows even slightly, the monkey was back.
As I write this blog, I just realized that I can’t remember if I shut the windows today. Let’s just hope I have and there are no more interactions with crows, monkeys and god knows what other animal.
Hopefully, I’ll be back soon


Smita said...

This is a scary post - Please lock all the windows and doors always - the monkey must be a girl monkey to have neatly removed the skin and eaten it. hehehehehe.

Lots of love.

Neha Shah said...

Oh My God! you didnt tell me about the monkey! Gurgaon is really a wild place!! :)

nirmala said...

I just read this one...reminded me of the monkeys in Melkote Lakshmi narasimha temple (where we had to walk up about 200 steps or so).. ..they would take the Archanaa baskets from the piligrims hand remove the bananas and leave the rest of the Puja stuff for the person to take..I really had the shock of my life when it happened the first time.It also happened in Maitree appartments before u were born when a monkey sat on the dining table and finished a bunch of a doz bananas..it was impossible to shoo it even with a stick..