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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

“Collapse your Buttocks on the Ground!!!!"

My friend Smita (by now most of you reading this would have guessed that my friend refers to Smita) was having a very stressful day at work. Part of the stress might have been because she spends more time chatting with me than working. Anyway, when she complained for the umpteenth time about how much work had oiled on and about how much stress she was under I blurted out “Collapse your Buttocks on the Ground” and that was the birth of this current post.
For those of you who weren’t born in Bangalore and who did not have an aunt who made you tag along to her yoga class, here’s what “Collapse your Buttocks on the Ground” is.
When I was growing up, my mother used to drop me off at my grandma/ aunt’s house very often. By very often, I mean almost every weekend, holidays and any other day when there was no school. 
My aunt is a stickler for doing things as per her set routine and never liked to change the way things were done. So when I was unceremoniously dropped at her door step, she had no option but to take me along wherever she went. Consequently I used to be dragged off every morning to her yoga class. This was a yoga session for middle aged woman and was fairly uneventful till the last twenty minutes. This was the time when the woman did their Shavasana. Just before starting this particular Asana which was more of a license to go to sleep than an actual Asana, the trainer would yell in her high pitched nasal voice “Collapse your Buttocks on the Ground”!!!!  Yes, she actually used the word buttocks and wanted everyone to collapse them on the ground!!
The first time I heard it as a clueless eight year old, I burst out into a fit a giggles and to this day I start laughing just thinking of the number of sessions I attended waiting for the trainer to scream these very words. J
I wonder if this yoga session still exists, And if it does, all of you who visit Bangalore must do a session. Trust me; you will remember “Collapse your Buttocks on the Ground” for ever after that.


Smita said...

This phrase is going to stay with us for al ong time. Hahahahha. I remember how we spent 20 mins discussing just this yesterday... tee hee :-)
More than attending the sessions, I am intersted in just meeting the yoga teacher - just so I can hear moer such gems :-)

This one made a good read :-)

D Po said...

Hey Aparna,
I totally njoyed my first read of your blog :) N i love this phrase... Its definitely a new addition to my vocab (FYI..my vocab is already populated with such other phrases invented by your 'Friend':))

pooja said...

LMAO!! HI-Larious Aparna.. I dont remember you telling me this..

Good read though.. Keep them coming I say! :D

aparna said...

Thanks Divya. Am glad you enjoyed it. Hope you continue to read what I write

Dexter said...

Quite a fuunny read, Ap!